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Top Easter Dresses For Spring

Searching for the perfect pastel girls’ Easter dress for your young daughter? We’re sharing some of our top Easter dresses and springtime ensembles for 2019.

Published on 04/10/19 Read Article
Choosing Communion Dresses

A First Communion is a coming-of-age sacrament that is sure to be remembered for years to come. Your daughter’s communion dress is a big part of that. But there are a few rules and guidelines when it comes to choosing communion dresses.

Published on 03/14/19 Read Article
Formal Baby Dresses They'll Wear

It can be tough to find formal baby dresses that your little one can wear for more than one occasion, but these five fancy infant dresses are so versatile, you’re sure to reach for them again and again.

Published on 02/13/19 Read Article
Choosing Formal Baby Dresses

When looking for baby girl special occasion dresses, keep a few things in mind. Formal baby dresses should be fancy but also comfortable and safe. Here are some more dos and don’ts to consider when purchasing fancy baby clothes so your daughter will be cute and comfy in her outfit.

Published on 01/10/19 Read Article
Choosing Girls Formal Dresses

When shopping for girls formal dresses, there are a few things you need to consider to make sure your daughter is comfortable and appropriately dressed. Special occasion wear for girls can be a sea of taffeta and glitter, but with our help, you’re sure to find the perfect outfit for your little girl.

Published on 12/10/18 Read Article
Girls Formal Dresses By Special Occasion

Whether you’re attending a baptism or a Christmas party, each occasion has its own set of unspoken rules in regard to girls formal dresses. We’re outlining some of these unofficial guidelines to help you find the perfect dress for your little girl.

Published on 11/21/18 Read Article
Flower Girl Dress Guide

Being a part of a loved one's wedding is such an exciting experience! When being a part of a bridal party, you get the privilege of being front row in watching your loved ones take a huge step in life.

Published on 11/07/18 Read Article
Girls Christmas Dresses 2018

When the holiday season comes around, there are countless events and photo opportunities for your young daughter to dress up in her finest attire. And at Chic Baby America, we have the best selection of girls Christmas dresses to choose from.

Published on 10/23/18 Read Article
Communion Dress Trends

At Chic Baby America we have the wholesale communion dresses so you can find the absolute perfect dress at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Published on 06/28/18 Read Article