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Published 11/07/2018

Being a part of a loved one's wedding is such an exciting experience! When being a part of a bridal party, you get the privilege of being front row in watching your loved ones take a huge step in life. Once the excitement of being in the bridal party wears off, reality sets in. The cold hard truth is that the bridal party usually has a lot of responsibility for making the wedding a special day. Aside from making sure the bride doesn’t go crazy, the typical duties of the bridal party are to help put together the event wherever it’s appropriate, and to have coordinating outfits with the bride and groom. Typically, coordinating outfits is not a challenging task. However, most bridal parties forget about the flower girl. Even though it can be easy to look over if you want to fully coordinate the bridal party you must not forget about the lovely flower girl. We have put together a list to help make sure you are choosing the perfect dress for the flower girl in your party!

The Right Flower Girl Dress for the Right Occasion

Sometimes the bride and groom will not care what type of dress the flower girl wears. In this instance, you can choose any flower girl dress you, or the flower girl wants. However, it is common courtesy to try to match the theme of the wedding. If the wedding colors are royal blue and white, try to get a flower girl dress that either matches or compliments the colors.

Sometimes, rather than having colors, some weddings have themes. Whether the theme is surrounding a specific holiday, a sports team, or even a movie, be sure to do the proper research to get the color to match the theme.

Children Grow…Fast!

One of the most important things you need to realize is that children grow fast! To avoid the chance of your girl growing out of the flower girl dress, we recommend that you purchase the flower girl dress as close to the wedding as possible. If you need to buy the flower girl dress immediately, be sure to regularly have your little girl try it on. If the dress no longer fits, be sure to get the dress tailored. Depending on how busy your tailor is, it could take a significant amount of time for you to get the flower girl dress back. So, if needed, be sure to get the flower girl dress tailored immediately.

The Flower Girl Dress Must be the Right Fabric & Design

Some people think that the color of a flower girl dress is all that matters. Even though the right color flower girl dress is vital, the type of fabric is essential too. The wrong fabric can skew the overall design of the flower girl dress, and the wrong material can slightly, yet noticeably, skew the color of the dress. This is why you must pay attention to the fabric of the flower girl dress design.

From Satin and Chiffon to Taffeta and Silk, there are countless types of fabric that flower girl dresses can be made out of. To avoid getting the wrong fabric, be sure to talk to the maid of honor, or whoever is in charge of the bridal party, and explicitly ask them what the appropriate fabric for the flower girl dress is.

We understand that some fabrics are more expensive than others. Consequently, it may be difficult to afford the proper fabric of the dress. If you cannot afford the specific material, consult your seamstress. An experienced seamstress will be able to give you alternative fabric options, which will provide the same effect as the original fabric. Before committing to the alternative fabric, be sure to consult the one in charge of the bridal party. Finding the right dress at an affordable price does not have to be difficult! Chic Baby America is your source for wholesale flower girl dresses. Since we manufacture all of our own dresses, we can offer them to you at prices you can’t find anywhere else!

Finding the right flower girl dress can be challenging and overwhelming. However, if you take your time and follow these simple steps, your little flower girl will be the perfect addition to the bridal party and may even steal the show!