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Published 01/10/2019

Dressing up a baby can be tricky, especially when it comes to special occasion dresses. Formal baby dresses should be appropriately fancy but also need to be comfortable and safe for your child. When shopping for baby girl special occasion dresses, take into account the following dos and don’ts when purchasing fancy baby clothes. Shop with these tips in mind and your little girl is sure to look adorable (and happily comfy) in her dressy ensemble.


When shopping for your little girl, remember—she’s a baby. She doesn’t care what she’s wearing. Most likely, she just wants to be comfortable and happy. But there’s a fine line between cute and impractical. The following overly fancy features should be avoided at all cost when dressing a baby for a special occasion.

1. Stay Away From Hazardous Embellishments

The most important factor to consider when purchasing fancy infant dresses is safety. Because of this, avoid the following embellishments and accents when choosing a dress for your baby girl:

  • Large or loose buttons, beads or any other potentially hazardous embellishments that your little girl may want to pull off—especially if it could become a choking hazard
  • Long ties and bows that could strangle a baby
  • Feathers and fur that may irritate a baby’s delicate and sensitive skin
  • Zippers that may pinch the skin.

Consider everything that you put on your baby and how it could become a hazard. Because if there’s a way, a baby will find it.

2. Avoid Scratchy Materials

Itchy, scratchy materials are a surefire way to make your baby fussy. On a special occasion, the last thing you want to worry about is an unhappy baby in an uncomfortable dress. Avoid this disaster all together by opting for a comfortable, soft material that won’t cause discomfort, allergic reactions or rashes to your baby’s skin.

3. Steer Clear Of Issue-Prone Fabrics

In addition to scratchy materials and hazardous embellishments, you should also stay away from potentially issue-prone fabrics. These include both cheap as well as overly delicate materials and wrinkle- and tear-prone fabrics. Babies are, well, babies. Accidents are going to happen. Try to minimize the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction by avoiding problematic fabric.

4. Try Not To Limit Yourself To The Mall

Big box stores and malls can offer a variety of clothing for babies. But these places can often be quite limiting when it comes to baby girl special occasion dresses. Instead, shop online for high-quality, formal baby dresses that will wow everyone.


There’s a way to dress your daughter in fancy baby girl clothes that won’t make her squirm, fuss or break out in hives every time a special occasion arises. The following are some definite dos when dressing your little girl in formal attire.

1. Embrace The Poof

When it comes to dressing a baby or infant, your best bet is to embrace the poof. Yes, you heard us right. Your little girl’s dress should sufficiently cover her diaper while draping naturally when you’re holding her. A frilly poof is a perfect way to accomplish both.

2. Consider Ease Of Dressing (And Undressing)

You’re the one that’s going to have to be dressing and undressing your baby at various points throughout the day. Consider opting for formal baby dresses that can make this process easier for all involved.

  • Look for dresses with snaps that make diaper changes a breeze.
  • Opt for loose-fitting sleeves that will allow your hands to fit underneath to push the baby’s arms through.
  • Go with stretchy fabric if possible.

3. Think Ahead

When purchasing formal baby dresses, you’ll want to think a few months (or a year) out. Most fancy infant dresses only get worn once (maybe twice). Because of this, consider purchasing a dress that your little girl can grow into. This way you’ll get a little more bang for your buck.

4. Splurge For Special Occasions

Babies grow fast. You only have so many special occasions to dress them up. So, when an occasion does arise, consider splurging a little. When you look back on family photos, you'll want to see your little girl in her finest. For meals and playtime, simply swap out the fancy dress for a more practical onesie and then put her back in her fancy baby girl clothes afterward.

Shop Formal Baby Dresses From Chic Baby

Whatever the occasion, Chic Baby America has the perfect selection of fancy baby clothes to choose from. Get the frilly ruffles and adorable fit you’ve been looking for with our high-quality, fancy infant dresses. Have a question or need more information? Feel free to reach out to our customer service department today for help.