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Published 11/21/2018

Each occasion that calls for girls formal dresses has its own set of unspoken rules and expectations. Your little girl wants to dress in her finest clothes, but you have to make sure her ensemble isn’t too over the top or on the flipside, too casual. Here, we’ll outline some of these unofficial guidelines related to dressing for special occasions.

Girls Christmas Dresses

The holidays are a busy time of year filled with dinners, parties, festivities and photo opportunities. When it comes to special occasion wear for girls, red and green might be classic colors, but they’re in no way mandatory. A little sparkle or rhinestone accent can add the perfect touch of magic no matter which color you go with.

In terms of fabric, girls Christmas dresses come in a wide range of materials, but satin is especially fitting for holiday events, as well as tulle, velvet and other more formal fabrics.

Wondering which dress length is the most appropriate for this time of year? Knee- or tea-length tend to be the best choices for girls Christmas dresses.

Easter Dresses For Girls

Dressing in your Easter best is a tradition passed on for generations. When you think of Easter, florals, pastels and lace most likely come to mind. So, opting for a pastel fabric or a floral print is going to be your best bet in terms of Easter dresses for girls.

When choosing fabric appropriate for both church and a family gathering, tulle and chiffon are perfect for adding to the lighthearted feeling of the springtime celebration.

While short-sleeved or sleeveless girls formal dresses are the most expected, a cute sweater or shrug with a dress is perfectly acceptable, especially if it’s on the chilly side.

Hem-wise, knee-length or tea-length dresses are the most appropriate for this holiday.

Religious Occasion Dresses

Religious events can bring family and friends together quite often. But knowing what to wear to these types of events can be tricky. The rule of thumb is that you should err on the side of modesty. For a wedding, baptism, christening, or bar or bat mitzvah, higher necklines and appropriate hemlines are especially important.

Whether you’re in a church or a temple, simple and modest christening or bat mitzvah dresses tend to be preferable. Don’t opt for anything that might be considered flashy or distracting. So remember, when getting your little girl ready for a religious event, ask yourself, “Does she look formal, modest and respectful?” If you can nod your head to all three, you’re good to go!

Daddy Daughter Dance Dresses

A daddy daughter party or dance is a fun event that your daughter and her father can enjoy together. But landing on what to wear can be difficult. Attire for this type of event can often depend on the season, location, event culture and dress code.

While there are no universal rules for daddy daughter dance dresses, you can’t go wrong with classically sweet and simple styles. A-line cuts, pastels and flowers are perfect for capturing that sense of youthful innocence.

Pageant Dresses For Girls

Is your young one on the pageant circuit? When choosing a show-stopping ensemble, there are a few things you need to consider. Know that a full-length dress will provide maximum elegance. Sleeker designs, solid colors and polished fabrics, like satin, also tend to pop more on stage. And don’t underestimate the power of sparkle when shopping for pageant dresses for girls.

The dress length, cut and sleeve type will depend on the dress code of her specific pageant. To get a good idea of which pageant dresses for girls work the best, take a look back at what past winners wore. This will give you a better idea of what the judges want to see.

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